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Aura Healing

Our Aura is a reflection of our life-force energy that often gets holes in it due
to our lifestyle. This then needs repair to provide us with greater protection from negative energies. Without treatment these holes allow our life-force energy to escape and cause an imbalance within our body, which may result
in health issues.

This session heals damage in the aura, which diminishes or blocks the flow of light. These holes and leaks are usually caused by traumatic experiences, but drugs like alcohol, prescription and illegal drugs, and even hot caffeine can also blow holes in the aura. The aura is scanned, and the holes and leaks are filled with light and healed. This helps you release emotional attachments, clear past traumas, start to release the patterns of pain and suffering, and move towards accepting joy and positivity in your life.

Price: $75

Artwork by Sven Geier



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