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The EnSofic Ray Healing

Ensofic Ray
The highest energy available on the planet today, the EnSofic Ray Healing modality reconnects people to their true and authentic self so they can create a new chapter in their lives. It originates from the EnSof, the breath of creation. You can receive a single session, but this system also offers a three session protocol that runs as follows:
* The first session works on eliminating blockages in the physical body.
* The second session works at the soul and spirit level, where the twelve rays of creation are brought down, infused and activated within the client’s energy.


The third session is customized for each person depending on where their energy is at the moment and to support the newly-placed seals that have been infused and activated within the client’s energy.
Sessions are done in-person.

What does the EnSofic Ray Healing modality treat?

The human body boasts an incredible, innate ability to heal itself, given a proper supportive environment. Unfortunately, due to imbalances brought on by stress, injury and other factors, this natural healing ability may become compromised. When this happens, it can be difficult to recover from illness or emotional lows.

The EnSofic Ray accelerates healing by taking the body back to point zero, creating a balanced environment in which a person can begin to heal themselves. We have seen incredible results in people suffering not only from physical illness and injury but emotional problems such as depression. In North America, for example, we're seeing huge developmental leaps in autistic children receiving EnSofic Ray treatments.

What happens during a typical EnSofic Ray Healing session?

Practitioners are trained to follow a certain protocol that includes client intake. During that time, your practitioner will ascertain chronic problems you may be experiencing. The treatment session itself usually lasts an hour, with the client relaxing on a table (fully clothed). Many people fall asleep, and that's okay. The energy will still work!

Single Session:   Full 3-Session Protocol (recommended):
$185   $450 (savings of $105)



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