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Jikiden Reiki

Reiki is a gentle Japanese healing art that works to heal on a physical and energetic level. Today, Reiki is widely recognized in North America as a viable form of complementary medicine and is frequently found in hospitals, particularly in post-surgical units.

All living things have an innate ability to heal, but sometimes blockages get in the way, similar to how trees and rocks can dam up a river and prevent it from flowing as it should. When this happens, physical and emotional imbalances can result. Reiki shifts these blockages and allows the body to heal itself.


Reiki minimizes inflammation and stiffness and is effective with pain management and muscle relaxation. It can also significantly speed up recovery time, increase mobility and range of motion, and serve as good preventative maintenance for future injuries. Thus, Reiki helps in a wide range of instances, from athletes to those suffering with chronic back pain or headaches.


Jikiden Reiki


Psychological Distress

Because Reiki is pure life energy (which is joy), it is effective at transforming negative emotions (such as depression) and moving energetic blockages. This process quiets the mind and improves concentration, which makes it especially helpful for students and children.

Many clients use Jikiden Reiki for anger management; post-traumatic stress syndrome; ADD/ADHD; and stress from work, jobs and relationships.

Pre- and Post-Surgery

Reiki strengthens the immune system and can reduce anxiety and sleeplessness. It’s
also beneficial for overworked care-givers.

These are, of course, just examples. The truth is, everyone can benefit from Reiki. And
yes, I can work on you long-distance!

I felt an enormous amount
of anger before the session. After the session, my anger
was completely gone!!

~ Valerie H., Gorham NH

My cat had a large tumor on her tongue which prevented
her from mewing. The day
after her session, she mewed! I'm totally amazed.

~ Pet Owner., Milford, PA
Private sessions available in person or long distance.
Two Convenient Locations
All Better Central
224 Broad St, Ste 205
Milford, PA 18337
Call Now
(570) 832-4877
The Tree of Health Center
55 Newton Sparta Rd
Newton, NJ 07860
$95/session Package Rates: 3 sessions for $240.00
    5 sessions for $380.00
    10 sessions for $710.00



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