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Debra Hollinrake Positive Affirmation Message
from Intentional Power President & CEO
Debra Hollinrake
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“The brick walls are not there to keep us out; the brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.”
~ Randy Pausch

* How do you view your challenges?
* What is the biggest brick wall you've faced? Did you give up or climb over it?
* What is the first thing that goes through your mind when an obstacle stands in your path?
* Do you resist challenges, thereby creating physical and mental tension inside of yourself?
* Do you listen to others when they say, "It can't be done"? Do you assume that, if something is standing in your way, it truly can't be done?
* Try this exercise the next time you encounter difficulty.
  Step away from the situation.
  Sit down in a comfortable position.
  Think about your breath as you breathe.
  Close your eyes and relax. As your body calms down, so does your mind.
  Believe and feel the words as you say this affirmation three times:
      "I know all the answers I need are inside of me right now.
I have complete faith that the situation will be resolved and
I will experience the outcome I desire. I am staying alert and
listening to my inner voice as it guides me through this process."
  Ask yourself these four questions:
    1.  "What is the difficulty I need to address?"
    2.  "What caused it to happen?"
    3.  "How do I feel about it?"
    4.  "What is the best way to resolve it?"
  Repeat your affirmation three more times.
  Listen as you ask yourself the same four questions again.
  As new ideas come to you, take action on them!
* Keep reminding yourself that all the answers are indeed inside of you.
* As you practice these 5 steps – Breathe, Relax, Accept, Listen, Act your own energy will rearrange your situations.
* Allow yourself to believe and feel it, and this will be true for you!
Here’s to a relaxing and magical week.

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