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Debra Hollinrake Positive Affirmation Message
from Intentional Power President & CEO
Debra Hollinrake
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"Fear is faith in the wrong thing "
~ Joseph Murphy
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* What is your biggest fear? Have you ever thought about it ?
* Listening to the news or watching TV can certainly give you something to be fearful about - IF you choose to believe what you are seeing and hearing.
* But is "seeing" and "hearing" really believing...?
* Joseph Murphy also said, "whenever your subconscious accepts an idea, immediately it begins to execute it."
* When you are afraid of something, you are creating that fear over and over as your subconscious executes your thoughts. Every time you think of the thing you are fearful of, your are giving your fear more energy. You keep it alive!
* The next time fear comes knocking on the door of your mind, practice these three steps.
  Acknowledge it. For example, you can say "Hello, fear of lightning. I know you're hanging around, but you don't need to be here anymore."
  Transform it. As you relax, think about the serenity you are experiencing. Show that old worn out fear that used to be yours – that peace, harmony and joy are what you are made of. And there is no place at all for fear. Only peace, harmony and joy.
  Believe it. If it feels good, believe it! If it doesn't feel good, transform it until it does feel good. Put your faith where it serves you best. Remind yourself every time you think of it:
    "The reason I am here on this good earth is to experience the energy that I am – the goodness, happiness and joy that make up my true spirit."
    Repeat it until you believe it. And then keep saying it! Everyday. I guarantee you will notice a change in your life when you start believing this truth about yourself. Remember, practice makes perfect. YOU are perfect! You just have to remember it.
Here’s to a remarkable and transformative week.

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