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Debra Hollinrake Positive Affirmation Message
from Intentional Power President & CEO
Debra Hollinrake
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"Your imagination is the preview to life's coming attractions."
~ Albert Einstein

* Your imagination is where you create your life.
* When you purposefully focus on something – with intention to accomplish something through this focus, you will achieve it. But the same happens for your unintentional creations conjured up by your imagination.
* How often have you been faced with a challenge, and then you play out a negative scenario about the outcome in your imagination?
* It doesn't seem like a negative outcome to your challenge is your intention. But simply by working out a negative scenario in your head, you unintentionally create it in your imagination.
* Positive energy vibrates much more strongly than negative energy. So refocus your attention – your intention – to the positive outcome you desire.
* Try this experiment:
  1. Make a decision to pay attention to all of your thoughts for one day.
  2. Remember that you are creating your life with every thought you think.
  3. Each time a negative thought enters your imagination, immediately think of something that pleases you. Play out a positive scenario with that thought until the energy from the negative thought has faded away.
  4. The more you practice, the easier it will become and the less time it will take to refocus onto feeling good.
  5. Once you've got the knack for quickly refocusing your imagination, create the exact opposite positive scenario from whatever the negative thought is that needs enlightening. Feel the sensation of "happy."
  6. Then start paying attention to all of your thoughts all of the time. As you continue to change those negative thoughts into positive energy, you will create the good things in your life that you truly desire. It is a universal law.
  7. Smile, laugh out loud and go for it!
* Start making your life into a positive experience - today.
Photo by Sven Geier

"I am using my imagination to create my best life!
I am easily guiding my thoughts down the road
of peace and happiness. Thank you."
Here’s to a joyful, easy and inspiring week.
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