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Debra Hollinrake Positive Affirmation Message
from Intentional Power President & CEO
Debra Hollinrake
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"If you don't ask, it's a definite ‘No!’"
~ Mike Cashman

* How can you apply this thought to your life this week?
* Do you always ask for what you want? Do you assume the answer is already "no" before you bother to ask? How many times do you forego what seems like a great idea because of your negative assumptions?
* This week, try this experiment. The next time you think of asking for something that you would normally talk yourself out of:
  Don't think!
  Then reengage yourself in that "asking thought."
  Create the scenario in your mind of how you would like this encounter to work out.
  Focus on how you are feeling from that positive response.
  Realize that what you are feeling is real.
  Release your negative assumptions.
  Now ask that question with expectations that you will receive the answer you want.
* Keep reminding yourself:
  I get what I expect.
  I expect positive results.
  I deserve positive results.
Here's to a positive, creative and powerful week!

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