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But I WANT to Suffer!


What would you say if someone offered you a chance to naturally feel better and lead a happier life? What would you say if you were told it involved releasing stress, anxiety, grief, sadness, phobias, trauma, guilt, fear, chronic pain and more – simply, quickly and permanently? Would you say, “Tell me more!”? Would you say, “I’ll do whatever it takes to feel better.”? Would you shake your head in disbelief and not pursue it at all?

I am often amazed when the last question is the typical response I’ve witnessed from many people. Why is that? Why is it that many people would prefer to suffer than try something that can quickly and easily help them feel better, perform better, enjoy better relationships and relax? In other words why don’t certain people want to live a happier life?

Consider this. Over the last fifty to sixty years, more and more western medical practitioners are embracing alternative methods of treatment that cause no harm and no negative side effects to the patient. Maybe you’ve heard of some of them: Reiki, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Biofeedback, Acupressure or Meditation. These practices are noninvasive, safe and effective. No drugs are used for these methods and the only side effects are that you probably feel better and your life begins to move in a more positive direction.

There is another method, however, that I have seen work almost 100% of the time. It’s called Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as EFT, or “tapping”.

EFT is based on 5000 year old research and study of the body’s electrical system, originally known as acupuncture. Acupuncture branched off into acupressure; no needles and used quite effectively on animals and humans. Then it evolved into EFT.

With EFT, you use your fingers to lightly tap specific acupoints on your face and upper body to release negative energy. While you tap these points, you focus on the current disturbing issue while affirming something positive about yourself.

Can it really be that simple? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” I’ve seen people and animals alike relieved of serious physical and emotional pain within 20-30 minutes, often in less time than that. They’re relieved of pain and suffering that they’ve been walking around with for a very long time, sometimes for many years.

Documented research now proves undeniably that soldiers with PTSD, and their families, can go on to lead much happier and effective lives within only a few sessions of EFT.

Recent research published in the Journal of Nervous & Mental Disease proves without a doubt that EFT consistently produces significant improvement in veterans with psychological trauma. (Click here for more info.)
A 2010 documentary, Operation Emotional Freedom, follows veterans through EFT treatment, showing how quickly and effectively it can work.
The Veterans Stress Project with Dawson Church, Ph.D. is doing ongoing EFT work with veterans, producing positively life-altering results for many military families.

PTSD is nothing to be taken lightly and destroys lives. Adults, children and even pets suffer from it. Yet EFT is proven to reduce the psychological distress to the point where patients no longer meet the criteria for clinical PTSD – within just a few sessions.

EFT works on animals just as effectively as humans. From eliminating fear of thunder, to separation anxiety to behavioral issues, EFT relaxes the animal to a point where they are well-behaved and calm. I recently saw a rambunctious puppy calm down and wait patiently for her owner within 10 minutes of using EFT. Animals love it!

Children experience the same results. Work with a child for a short time on anger, sadness or any negative emotion and they feel the difference immediately because they’re so sensitive. After they experience such dramatic results, children not only tend to use EFT all the time, but they teach others how to use it as well.

Why is EFT so effective? Because these techniques actually change the chemistry in your brain. Typically, when you respond to a given situation, you are responding from a past experience that is still alive and well in your brain. Following EFT protocol, within minutes your brain chemistry actually changes, and old response mechanisms are released. According to David Feinstein, PH.D., Donna Eden, Renowned Energy Medicine Expert, and EFT Founder Gary Craig, “EFT frequently produces undeniable improvement in only one session and often works where other approaches do not.”

Do you really want to walk around with that heavy burden of pain, grief or stress hindering your happiness – your true happiness? Or that of your child or your pet?

The world can use a lot more happy people. With EFT, you can be happy too.

Debra M. Hollinrake
AAMET Certified Level 2 EFT Practitioner
Hastening Healing for Animals and their Human Pets


"EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior."

~ Bruce Lipton, PhD




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