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Giz is Gone

An inner voice says, “Look behind you.” As I do, my eyes catch the sight of Gizmo, my beloved orange Tabby, forced into that all too familiar vision of pure pain. It’s odd how I remember at this moment how he would curve up his spine just like that as a kitten when he felt playfully threatened. Then I watch him twist from acid attack as the intestinal illness ravaging his system for the last nine months sends spasms through his little body again.

The inner voice then says what I have refused to hear for too long. “It’s time to let him go.” For the first time, I hear with wiser ears. “It’s time to let him go. He’s lost half his body weight, is almost always uncomfortable, and can’t digest his food. It’s time to let my sweet boy go.”

I call my veterinarian and tell her it’s time to let Giz go. She asks, “Can you bring him in today at 3:45 PM?” My throat catches and my body reacts – so soon? I hear myself speak, “Okay. See you then.” I hang up the phone, and my grief is through the roof. On a scale of 1-10, it’s 25!

As the grief grips my body, I begin applying EFT. I tap on my Karate Chop point and say, “Even though I feel this overwhelming grief at a 10 intensity, I deeply and completely accept myself.” I say this two more times while tapping, using “this grief trying to burst out of my chest” and “this overwhelming grief”.

Then the reminder phrases while tapping acupoints. Top of head: “This grief.” Eyebrow: “This overwhelming grief.” Side of Eye: “This grief.” Under Eye: “This 10 intensity grief.” Under Nose: “This grief.” Chin: “This grief.” Collar Bone: “This grief.” Under arm: “This grief.” I measure my intensity and, amazingly, the grief is gone but now I feel sad. This is a new aspect so I measure the intensity and tap again, this time on the sadness. Two sequences and I’m down to 0. Wow! That was easier than I thought it would be!

Driving to the vet, I tell Giz that I’m taking him to finally ease his pain once and for all. Tapping with my right hand while steering with my left. “You’re finally going to be free!” I pet Gizmo’s little paw as he meows and I tell him he’s going into the light. Following EFT protocol, I tap. “Maybe you’ll see our other cats there.” Tap, tap tap. “And chase butterflies again.” Tap tap tap.

When we arrive I think, “I’m okay. I’ll be okay.”

We go into the patient room and I set Gizmo on the soft pillow I brought for him. I tap on his little head and down his spine and say, “Even though you don’t feel good and you don’t want to be here, you are the best cat in the whole world. Even though you’re going into the light now, I love you so much.” The assistant holds Giz while the vet finds his vein. I keep tapping Giz and whispering to him. Surprised, the assistant exclaims what I already know. “He’s purring!” Within seconds he’s asleep. A few seconds more and he’s gone.

I walk briskly to the car, open the door and fall into the seat as the water works begin. I clearly have more emotional aspects to release so tap on every one I can think of: “needle in his vein,” “he’s gone forever,” “he’ll never sleep with me again,” “gizzywizzywizmo,” and so on.

Within 45 minutes, I no longer feel grief or sadness. I feel a little empty, but the negative charges are gone. I finally say out loud, “Giz is Gone.” I remember him purring as he joined the light…and smile. Yes, Giz is gone, but I bet his spirit’s doing just fine.

Debra M. Hollinrake
AAMET Certified Level 2 EFT Practitioner
Hastening Healing for Animals and their Human Pets


"EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior."

~ Bruce Lipton, PhD



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