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Spark of Life

"Distance Healing"

The Spark of Life Healing is the truest form of remote energy work available in the world today. This unique modality was first created by the High Priest and Priestesses in ancient temples as a means to support those who would travel to various other temples to do work there.

This method is very powerful: the energy travels within the inner spark of pure light from Source. With this modality, keys are used by the practitioner which allows them to bypass the etheric matrix and chakra system of the client's body. This in turn allows the energy to flow in a pure state directly to the client in a remote (distant) location.

At the moment of birth each of us was infused with the spark of life. This healing re-establishes a strong connection to this spark of life, also referred to as the First Ray of All Creation, enhancing healing on ALL levels.

Spark of Life
Artwork by Sven Geier

Benefits of Spark of Life include:

  -  Relaxation
  -  Overall sense of tranquility and contentment
  -  Energetic support in the healing of body and emotions

Price: $150
This healing modality is performed long distance.



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