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Spiritual Life Coach

Do you often find yourself questioning your very existence? Is this all there is? Are there really forces at work contributing to your progression in life? We often find ourselves quite confused, wondering if it's even worth taking the next step. Sometimes we forget or perhaps never really understood that, no, we are not alone in our own little corner of the universe. Spiritual Life Coaching offers you a chance to understand who you are in relation to the big picture and how important of a role you play in that big picture.

Learn how your presence here on our beautiful planet is vitally important. You carry a creative spark that is meant to be expressed in a way only you can do. Your uniqueness is indeed precious, and needed. As you begin to understand your connection to all that exists, you will also begin to spread your amazing light along every path you walk, in service to your Self and to all you meet.

Private sessions available in person, over the phone or on Skype.
Two Convenient Locations
The Brookside Center
104 Wyckoff Ln
Milford, PA 18337
Call Now
(570) 832-4877
The Tree of Health Center
55 Newton Sparta Rd
Newton, NJ 07860
Artwork by Sven Geier
Sometimes we need a little reminder of just how much we are loved. Not only are we loved beyond words, but our experience here on earth is our greatest gift. Expressing that gift is our life's journey. Learn how you can express that gift, in love and light.



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