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Redesign Your "Thought Box"
Embrace Your Greatness
A gentle guide on how to feel positive and inspired all the time.
Redesign Your Thought Box   1. Introduction
2. The Power of Your Thoughts
3. Experiment with Your Thoughts
4. Relax and Breathe
5. Your are Wonderful!
6. Reflection Time
7. Redesign Your "Thought Box"
8. With Appreciation

"Supportive and Encouraging!
The narrator's soothing voice
and background music
respectfully guide the listener
toward personal growth."

Lori Foster, MA, Outpatient Therapist & Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Learn how to embrace the positive Intentional Power of your thoughts, and take action, based on your thought choices, to affect your life in a positive uplifting way.
Allow yourself to relax to get more out of your brain function, increase mental clarity and reduce stress.
Identify the traits that make you so wonderful, learn how to use these traits to feel good all the time, and positively reach your goals to live the life you want.
Take a gentle journey into your intentional thought processes and learn how to easily simplify your thinking to maintain a positive feeling and attract more positive energy and opportunities into your life.
Discover how feelings of gratitude and appreciation can work to your enormous benefit and bring you success.
  This CD is a great way for you to begin to intentionally embrace your positive attributes in a way that can
truly enhance the way you feel every day, and help to give you a fresh, exciting and positive outlook on life.

Intentional Power - Redesign Your "Thought Box"

Intentional Power - Redesign Your "Thought Box"


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Redesign Your "Thought Box", and start living your
more positive and happier life – starting today!

"The disc is wonderful. It has already helped me to turn my mind
onto a happier path. The ocean sounds and chimes have been like
a warm breeze, really refreshing and soothing. I love the disc!"
Tracy S., New York City



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