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Intentional Power offers the following workshop series:

free Emotional Freedom Techniques
Mindful Meditation for Beginners
Meditation for Memory Improvement
Egyptian Meditation
Spacial Awareness Meditation for calming the body and mind
More Testimonials

"Your presentation was wonderful;
so energetic!"

~ EFT Presentation Attendee

* * * * *

Are you seeking a way to relieve
physical stresses or emotional demons?
Debra Hollinrake, founder of "Intentional Power," presents an intriguing program called "Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques" that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. We hosted Debra at the Sparta Library and our patrons thoroughly enjoyed the program and want her back! Debra is a great speaker, wonderful to work with, and I used the techniques myself with immediate success. I greatly
recommend her to you."

~ Diane S.Lapsley
Assistant Director, Sparta Library

* * * * *

"[We] found you to be wonderful, professional, and skilled! You
did a great job! And you have
a wonderful spirit!

~ EFT Class Attendees

* * * * *

"You are such an enthusiastic speaker
– it is a pleasure to listen to you."

~ Toastmasters International

* * * * *

"We were delighted to host Debra Hollinrake, partner at The Tree of Health Center, to offer her expertise to our Chamber members on how to reduce stress. Her enthusiasm energized the room and gave everyone something to talk and "tap" about. Most of us had not heard of Emotional Freedom Techniques but we were certainly grateful for Debra's vivacious interactive presentation. It was inspiring to see so many people smiling and, thanks to Debra, our members now have another effective tool for success."

~ Rachel Geraci, President, Newton Chamber of Commerce, Newton, NJ

* * * * *

"The patrons of the Louise Childs Library were treated to a presentation on the positive health benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques. Debra Hollinrake, the presenter, delivered an impassioned presentation including an abundance of audience participation. Feedback from the participants indicate a crowd well pleased by what they heard and experienced. It was Ms. Hollinrake?s goal for all in attendance to take away from the presentation solid tools to eliminate stress and pain. The copious amount of positive remarks from those present, indicate a goal successfully achieved!"

~ Regina Bohn, Branch Librarian
Louise Childs Library

* * * * *



"You got da mojo for speaking."

~ Brian Foley, General Aviation Management Advisor

* * * * *

"I want to congratulate you on
such a wonderful, energetic transformational experience that
you gave all of us today. You're so alive and so in the moment and it all came through, and I loved everything you had to say and being in your power."

~ Powerful You!

* * * * *

"Thank you for executing such a straight to the heart transformative Salon. Five new participants registered into the next Salon having enjoyed yours so much. Unbounded awareness was a strong energy the day you presented.
Thank you for the many gifts."

~ Deanna Trust, Trust Feng Shui

* * * * *

"Last night Debra Hollinrake offered a beautiful award winning lecture about the incoming New Paradigm and how the Life Activation brings in more light for each of us - for our Light to Shine. It really illuminated the amazing possibilities of our power as Light workers."

~ Sue Ananian, The Inner Path

* * * * *

"You have all the points on the 'Sell'
list plus one which is invaluable: great charm, great spiritual expression and great fire and enthusiasm. I have
never met anyone who sparkles
and glows like you do.

~ Presentation Guest




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