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your new story.
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Your Story, Your Way™

What's your story? If you could have anything you wanted, how would the story go? Do you know what you want? If so, do you know why you want it?

If you had exactly what you think you want, would you truly be happy?  

Your Story, Your Way™
guides you along a path of self-discovery
and attainment through a threefold approach using ancient healing techniques, energy psychology and your own Intentional Power.  It's surprisingly easy, a lot of fun and happily effective.

Your Story, Your Way
Your Story, Your Way™ consists of 6 sessions:
One Life Activation *
Two Law of Attraction (LOA) Coaching sessions
Two Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Sessions
One LOA, EFT or Jikiden Reiki session
"What Debra provides is a practical tool for effectively and permanently bringing about positive change.

Her style and technique are both enchanting and impactful. If you want to change your mind and change your life, IP can help."

~ Patty Cordellino
Certified Hypnotherapist
Catalyst Coaching LLC

What can you expect from this process?
Clearer understanding of your true desires as you begin your new story
Increased clarity about which choices serve you best
Deeper connection with your creative abilities
Release of emotional or physical issues blocking your success
Stronger awareness of your immense power and how to use it
Recognition of each moment's importance, and how to focus on now
How to deal with curves or detours along your road to success
A more positive outlook on life
A tangible road map—Your Story, Your Way™—for how to move forward
To confidently start down the path of your brand new story with ease
Lots of fun along the way!
Investment:  $525 (savings of $50)
* Life Activation session must be performed in person. Remaining sessions can be done in person, over the phone or on Skype. If you are located away from the NJ/NY/PA tri-state area, I will work with you to locate a Life Activation Practitioner near you.



Intentional Power - Living Your Story, Your Way

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